about paige/heart/snow he/they enby genderfluid lesbian ⚢ mixed b/w 17 taken nd dyslexia

love ❥ mi novio ♡ girls cats spicy foods true crime paranormal dramas anime rain/storms ocean coding carrds reality tv

notes (1.) im hyperfixate on vminkook so i talk about them the most but im ot7. (2.) use different prns on me (3.) most of my crds made by me are made with pro plus so please dont ask for a copy of a crd if you dont have pro plus, thankiesss

✦ main weheartit kittcarrd faicrds lovjbini letterboxd tumblr

byr req okay! okay to request with priv or main. i talk about what i want, dont follow me if you solo stan or anti anyone from BTS. idc if you solo stan or anti from other groups. no they/them. if you drag bts ill drag your faves. u need a carrd to req to follow me (unless i fllw). i am not a blink i just solo stan jennie & jisoo.

dnr -14 21+ (unless i fllw 1st) support NCT. dont have any groups in common with me. ure a nctzen or blink. just dont be weird jfc. bg stan. u support giselle i’ll slapped your teeth down your throat.

kpop bts loona fromis_9 izone aespa iu taeyeon

western giveon summer walker zendaya madison beer ariana grande megan thee stallion chloexhalle

ults of ults bts vminkook

ults yuri wonyoung fromis jisun jiwon hayoung loona chuu yeojin jinsoul

others aespa ningning iu taeyeon jennie jisoo (solo stan)

✦ hi! when asking me about a carrd make sure you say the specific carrd you mean, because i have my chatbox in many carrds and i can't read your mind, thank you~
✦ i give copies of almost all my carrds just ask for one
✦ i have a right not to give you a copy of my carrds after i said yes.